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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 22, 2015 11:02pm-12:03am PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> hollywood's biggest night with a new host. no big surprises as far as the awards, but many great and touching moments. how about lady gaga? >> gorgeous. >> i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. one of those moment was when "bird man" took home the award for best picture. now, a look at what everyone is talking about. hi, katie. you look spectacular. >> ama larry, thank you. live on the red carpet and we are watching the actors and actresses leaving the governor's ball with oscars in hand. i had my own moment if i can
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gush. i watched within an inch of steve coral and julianne moore and it took all i had to say ah!. i also had curlers in my hair. the predictions came true. "bird man" a big winner and" american sniper" shut out. >> first comes the fashion from epic to elegant from red-hot and red leather gloves and "50 shades of grey." she walked with her mom, melanie griffith. it seemed like a sweet moment until this awkward exchange. >> she is a really good actress. i don't need to see that -- >> you don't have to see it. >> you can see it and you were like no. >> ♪ >> neil patrick harris opened the 87th academy awards with man jibing and music --
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man jibing -- magic and music. there were lots of laughs throughout. serious moments too. this one from patricia arquette as she accepted the best actress for "boyhood." >> we have fought for everybody else's equal rights. it is our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> julianne moore won best actress for "still alice." >> there is no best thing as best actress. >> jt simmons took home gold for his role in "whiplash" and the best actor for his portrayal in" everything." >> this belongs to all of the people around the world battling air less. >> and best actor? >> who gave him his green
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card? "bird man." >> and maybe the most shocking part, lady gaga looking lovely and simply singing her heart out. >> ♪ the hills are alive with the sound of music ♪ >> amazing. a lot of buzz for her on facebook and twitter. congratulations to stanford professor and film maker whose short documentary -- documentary short i should say was up for best oscar. he didn't win it but we know he has big things ahead. we have more ahead tomorrow morning. we will go behind the scenes with kelly and michael. join us for that. they are doing their oscar special live at the dolby theater and we get to go inside. live reports starting tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m. that's where we are live at the dolby theater. abc7 news. >> katie, thank you so much. one of the trending topics of
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tonight's red carpet came from the best actress nominee reece witherspoon. tired of being asked about clothes and make up she talked about the # ask her more with "good morning america"'s robin roberts. >> we are more than our dresses. it is great and the dresses are beautiful and we love the artists. this is a group of women, 44 nominees this year, robin that are women. we are so happy to be here and talk about this -- the work that we have done # ask her more is part of the project founded by gavin newsome's wife. she thanked witherspoon in a tweet about the project. our oscar coverage continues throughout the newscast. coming up, the bay area kids with a big connection to tonight's ceremony. happening now, the port of oakland is operational after a day of nothing got done. the other west coast ports were busy, but oakland had
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nothing. there was a dispute over break times. sergio joins us live at union headquarters with more. sergio? >> union employees sewed up this evening to dispatch their membership to tonight's 7:00 p.m. shift at the port of oakland. but no one would explain to me exactly what triggered today's dispute. they say they were locked out of the day shift today. but their employers tell a different story. you can see work has resumed, but for most of the day thouing was moving. >> the reason is a dispute between labor and management. we understand that it is over break times. >> the pacific maritime association released this statement on today's dispute. it reads in part an area arbitrator ruled that long shore men affiliated with the international long shore and warehouse union conducted illegal work stoppages. the local union president was not available to explain their
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side in this dispute. no vessel operations are scheduled for monday because of the flare up. >> the cargo has been slowed for months now because of the labor dispute. our customers have suffered significant reversals and now they have to take another hit. it is just not right. >> at the port truckers lined up this afternoon hoping to get a good spot for monday's hauls. >> i am spending the night because i know that it is going to be backed up. and the line is probably going to be as far as you can see tomorrow. >> all ports have a backlog of cargo because contract talks have dragged on for nearly a year. this weekend a tentative agreement was reached so today's work stoppage is a disappointment. abc7 news. cheryl jennings sits down with the afghan president for an exclusive interview. how he hopes to restore the economy with the help of a bay area organization. >> and i am abc7 meteorologist
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abc news anchor cheryl jennings had the extraordinary opportunity to travel to afghanistan with roots of peace to meet the newly elected president. >> she learned that the president has several connection tots bay area and cheryl joins us now to talk about what had to be an amazing visit. >> it really was incredible. i was so fortunate to have this exclusive one on one interview with the president about roots of peace, his tough new job and the critical need for afghanistan and america to work together.
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>> what you are doing is enabling americans to lead secure lives. were we god forbid to fail america would be an unsafe place. >> the tragedy of the september 11th 2001 terrorist attacks brought america and afghanistan together. he says common interests bind us to rebuild afghanistan's shattered economy to prevent additional unrest. our culture will lead the way. >> the new president of the country met with the california-based non-profit called roots of peace to talk about this country's future. >> that private meeting took place in the presidential palace in kabul he said he wants afghanistan to be an exporting machine. >> the taste of the fruit is second to none. afghan fruits are original.
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we are an acquired taste, but once people get to know us, i think they won't forget us. >> he knows about the work done by heidi and gary quin with their work in afghanistan. it is linking more and more farmers to traders and international markets. the funding is from the u.s. agency for international development known as u.s. aid. >> a big thank you as they believe it is a source of pros prosperity and a source of staw belt. >> he -- stability. >> he entrusted him with the plan from agriculture in 2010. >> we were sharing that with all of the other organizations in the country. it is his blueprint for how to best step forward in agriculture. >> it was a great honor to meet him and discuss with him the importance of agri-business. we need to take bold steps to lift this great country up so that future generations may live in peace.
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>> gary quin took a bold step and asked the president to be the face of the new roots of peace promotional campaign for agriculture. he agreed and within hours a new poster was created for an international trade fare. he also wants to foster entrepreneur ship and he is getting help with that from his close friend and advisor. the president of san jose state university. they were college roommates overseas. >> he is exceptional. >> he was in kabul during the holidays advising president gani on infrastructure. they are asking the silicon valley to join them. >> the spirit of even if you make a mistake you can bounce back and learn from it. those are the aspects that end and connects well with the culture. >> i just want to thank you for helping me. >> my pleasure. and it is so great to have the first with the person i admire
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so much. >> and there are more connections to the bay area. >> where in the bay area? >> fremont. >> fremont has the largest population of afghan residents in the country outside of afghanistan. president gani's son graduated from stanford and attends uc berkeley school of business. he wants to provide educational and job opportunities through afghanistan. he admires the lessons taught through the roots of peace partnership and wants to see it expand. >> please it it inherited a million . anyone who can help create from one to 10 to a hundred to a thousand is a friend of mine. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> delighted. >> and this week on abc7 fuse at 6:00 we will bring you more stories from our visit and
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show you some of the work that has impressed him so much. and also posting behind the scenes images with facebook and twitter including some of the security measures we had to take. >> it will be somewhat dangerous. >> a little bit. we had a great security team. >> look forward to seeing it. thank you. now we turn to our weather which was nice, but a bit breezy. >> drew joins us now. >> it was a beautiful weekend. temperatures both days were above normal. live doppler 7hd and giving you the all clear. what a picturesque day it was. this photo coming in on my facebook page. along the waters and along the bay in san francisco. the high today in san francisco was 65 degrees. just picture perfect on this february evening. out there right now we have a breeze out there keeping temperatures above normal. 59 in san francisco and right now it is 60 in hayward and 55 in mountain view and napa at 51 degrees. rain to the south where it was raining on the red carpet in
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l.a. high pressure to the north. these two opposing phak -- factors are creating a wind tunnel effect. that continues on monday morning. 7:00 as we are off to work and school and wind gusts from 23 miles an hour at hoof -- half moon bay. we have a wind advisory that goes until 10:00 tomorrow morning. good reason why. the winds relaxed on tuesday. high pressure moves in and by tuesday morning the winds generally weakened to less than 10 miles per hour. overnight lows in the bay area. plenty of stars out there. 49 in san francisco. dropping to 45 in oakland. the same in fremont falling to 40 in san jose. highs for your monday lots of sunshine, but still rather breezy. 64 in san francisco and 63 in oakland. the same in san jose. ict is 2 in fairfield and up to 62 in clear lake. your accu-weather seven-day forecast, it is still breezy out there and temperatures in the mid to low 60s. tuesday the wends relax and --
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the winds relax and we have fog in the morning and afternoon sunshine, but we begin a warming trend. wednesday there are a few clouds and the temperatures are creeping into the upper 60s. then on thursday the warmth returns and so does sunny skies with 70s in many locations. then a change to our pattern for the sprin kills that are introduced to the forecast that could linger saturday into sunday. nonetheless temperatures are back into the 60s. >> we'll take the sprinkles. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00 two bay area kids had a special reason to watch tonight's oscars.
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th so many people are talking about the oscars on social media. the phrase "stay weird stay different" is out there. that's what the man who wrote acceptance said. they called it another phenomenal and important
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speech. >> and this was a really special night for twins aidan and mad do line mcgraw. >> they had roles in "american sniper" who won an award for sounded ditting. sound editing. >> "birdman." >> these 6-year-old twins were a little sad their movie "american sniper" didn't win best picture but their parents say just having their kids in a clint eastwood film has been an amazing experience. >> i do an oscar contest every year with one of my best girlfriends and i can't even believe my kids are in a movie i am circling on a ballot. it is super crazy. >> aidan and madeline left their san jose home to spend four days on the set of "american sniper." he plays his son and she played his daughter. >> i liked filming with bradley cooper. it was fun. >> what is cool about this whole oscar thing?
11:25 pm
>> that i am in a movie and i loved my pretend dad. >> "american sniper" opened a lot of opportunities for the twins. so much so that their manager is having a much easier time getting them additions. >> now it is oh she is the little girl in "american sniper" and oh we will see her. >> at this time there is no plans to move to l.a. despite the long drive they are committed to seeing how far their children's career cans go. >> at a young age they got these experiences and as a parent you want them to have the neatest experiences they can have and this is pretty special. >> special indeed 6-year-old twins making their mark in hollywood. >> i like tay he likes his pretend dad. >> you can see the genuine emotion on their faces. >> so sports tonight and steph curry wasn't able to play. >> no, the first time he missed a game. there is a reason steph was talked about league mvp.
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crave those crazy squares. release a devastating avalanche of taste on your tongue. bury yourself in the flavor full of sweet icing and filling. call off the hounds! rescue is unnecessary. pillsbury toaster strudel, the snow day of breakfasts. the warriors began their longest road trip of the season in indiana today without steph curry. he tweaked it in the spurs' game. you can see he was frustrated and in pain. he had to shut it down for at least this game. one splash brother down and the other splash brother lit it up. 15 in the first quarter and rodney stuckey could not be stopped. on the attack and he had 39 points, but only one other warrior was in double figures. with 14 and throwing it downright there. they were tied at 78.
11:30 pm
stuckey sticks a three tay might have -- that might have been a tad late. sean livingston with eight points and subbing for steph and misses the chance to give them the lead. he ices it in the final moment. the warriors fall 104-98. their 10th loss of the season. jeff gordon raced in his final daytona 500. the driver will retire from full time racing. he was in contention for most of the race. they lead for 87 laps. it was his teammate who passes him on the outside. the 24-year-old takes the checkered flag for the first win.
11:31 pm
>> my family is here and all of my friends are here. it is spectacular. i don't know what to say. i have never been in this position before. it is amazing. >> i will miss what was happening in the first half. i won't miss what happened in the last 20 or 30 laps. the final laps are as crazy and chaotic as they get. >> six years later he has his first daytona 500 win. >> all right. thank you. thank you larry. still to come, a threat against the u.s. and why malls could be the target. plus, the new invention that could help erase tattoo without any of the pain.
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good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. cargo is once again moving through the port of oakland. this comes after dispute when work times stopped. union leaders claim they were locked out and shippers accused them of an illegal work stoppage. they reached a new labor contract on friday. grief in san jose following the death of a neighborhood produce vendor after he was hit by a suspected it drunk driver. the driver hit another car before plowing into a fruit stand run by francisco person person and his wife iris. iris hurricane herb is recovering from -- iris hernandez is recovering from her injuries. one man and a woman went to the hospital after the car hit them. they were believed to be in the crosswalk at north fair
11:36 pm
oaks avenue. the driver who hit them is cooperating with police. in developing news tonight. a new terror propaganda video. they are threatening the american homeland for the first time. their target? shopping malls. a venue they have struck before with deadly results. pierre thomas has details. in this new video released a direct call for attacks on western malls including in the uk, canada and the u.s. and the group that claimed responsibility on the mall two years ago and it urges an assault on america's biggest shopping center, the mall of america. it sparked an immediate response from u.s. law enforcement that quickly reached out to the mall of america and stepped up security, some signs visible today. >> i am not going to let them win. it is not going to happen. >> no specific plot has been
11:37 pm
identified homeland security secretary wants americans to be vigilant and report anything suspicious. >> we are relieved and it reflects that. it encourages independent actors who can strike with little notice. >> u.s. authorities are particularly concerned because al-shabaab has been especially effective recruiting dozens of young men to join ranks in somalia. since the masacre in kenya that killed 67 people the u.s. officials have stepped up training for such scenarios. at some of the bigger police departments patrolmen are now encouraged to keep the heavy fire power in their squad cars so they can respond and they won't have to wait for s.w.a.t teams. >> currently the government says there is no credible evidence suggesting an attack on any u.s. site is in the works. two prominent republican
11:38 pm
senators agree with president obama that funding for the homeland security department shouldn't hinge on immigration policy. homeland security will run out of money in five days if the senate remains deadlocked. the house of representatives has already passed a bill. it contains a provision that overturns president obama's executive order blocking undocumented immigrants from being deported. they believe the courts and not lawmakers should decide on immigration policy of the. >> the roman catholic church has reached out to help many bay area residents remain in the u.s. even though they are currently considered undocumented immigrants. they worked with the parishioners at st. anthony's church after the services today. >> empower them to apply and get ready for when the applications become final and available. >> we want to find a way so they can live here with
11:39 pm
dignity and not in a shadow economy. >> the federal judge issued an injunction blocking the executive order to limit deportations. immigrant rights activists believe the higher court will overturn the judge's ruling. >> -- a san jose man is under arrest for allegedly robing -- robbing a girl scout. he took the box by force from a 10-year-old girl. she was selling cookies outside the safeway store with a group of other girl scouts. police spotted his car and rs aed him. no one was hurt. an outrigger canoe capsized in the waters off san francisco's chris see field. the outrigger started taking on water before 11:30. a coast guard vessel rescued all the people from the canoe. it is not known why it took on water. but there were small craft advisories. >> oakland sill bratted their
11:40 pm
lunar new year. the event at the oakland museum of california had drumming plate spinning and they brought in the year of the ram with a full year of festivities and performances. >> there is a new reason people are hiring private investigators to check out potential dates. julie jackson is a former police officer and licensed investigator here in the bay area. >> the newest of the dating background check where i provide an affordable, quality dating background check on potential dates to where you know a little about them, but you are fearful about taking it the next step further. >> tomorrow night at 11:00 michael finney follows the private investigator and reveals what she discovered about one woman's potential date. >> interesting. still to come, a bay area oscar tradition. how it brings the love for movies and helping others together for one night.
11:41 pm
>> and combining science and beauty on the red carpet. >> and i am abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. the winds are still whipping and they are bouncing a little bit. we will go from windy to warmer and the
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dinner. try unsloppy joes. pillsbury grands biscuits. ♪ make dinner pop. ♪ well coast to coast the oscars was full of social media moments tonight. this twitter map is lighting up every time somebody tweeted with a # oscar.
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it was like a christmas tree. particularly active. one thing that had people tweeting was the phrase "call your moms." that's what jk simmons implored people to do during his acceptance speech. you can see the chart showing the spike in google searches for that phrase during the oscars. >> this year's oscar show was highly watchable, but not that surprising. most of the predictions came true like the heavily favored critical darling "birdman" the winner for best picture. they recapped the big winners from the red carpet. >> take us over the rainbow ♪ ♪ across the fields of our dreams ♪ >> a man cal night for the 87th annual academy awards. jk simmons winning best supporting actor. >> he won an oscar. ♪ bum, ba bum ba, bum bum,
11:45 pm
bum. >> it is our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> and big hero six won the oscar for animated feature film. the first time host having a little fun with the audience. >> who is the most famous person you are looking forward to meeting tonight? >>ed norton. he is right over there! >> and later stepping into the role of "birdman." >> ♪ the hills fill my heart -- >> lady gaga stole the show honoring the 50th anniversary of the -- of "the sound of music" and best actress went to julie an moore -- julianne moore and best actor? >> eddie. >> i am a lucky, lucky man. this oscar -- wow! >> "birdman."
11:46 pm
>> and finally the big award of the night best picture. >> who am i kidding? this is great fun. thank you very much. >> what a night for "birdman" and now it is on to the after party including the governor's ball where they will be celebrating with 1300 bottles of champagne. abc news, hollywood. >> what was supposed to be a poignant moment at the oscars caused an uproar on social media. fans of the late comedian joan rivers was she was left out of the in memorium segment who honors the stars who passed away. she was known for her red carpet fashion commentary and no word why she was not included. oscars coverage continues tomorrow morning. katie will be live 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. here at abc7. movie fans continue to honor tradition while raising money to fight aids and hiv.
11:47 pm
they even posted with a wax figure with neil patrick harris. fundraisers say it is getting harder to raise money for aids and hiv. >> people are living longer with aids and hiv because of the drugs that are out there. so it has become less popular for people to raise money to support hiv and aids. that's why it is important to raise money. >> the academy of friends began as a small oscar party at someone's home 35 years ago. and it has grown over the years. it raised over $8 million for local charity. >> there is a lot of glamorous jewelry at the oscars. one recipient unveiled a global scientific breakthrough. the best supporting actress winner patricia arquette wore a rare diamond. they provided this video and said the solitaire and the world's largest lab diamond. they are sold in the bay area including at brilliant earth
11:48 pm
in san francisco. they cost about 35% less than the natural diamonds. arquette's is three carrots. three karats. >> a canadian doctorial student created a cream with white blood cells and new cells to carry away tattoo ink which eventually causes the tattoo to fade. the cream is still in the testing phase and tworks best on tattoo more than two years old. >> back to the weather forecast. and the hint perhaps of rain. >> we'll take a hint. we'll take anything. >> we are grasping at straws. there is a chance the pattern will change in the seven half of the seven-day forecast. we'll show you we are dry and still windy. a live look from our rooftop camera. the trees are swaying and even the flags are weighing in the northerly direction. the wend will be with us throughout -- the wind will be
11:49 pm
with us throughout the day. it is pretty quiet. snow showers south of denver and cold in the great lakes. they will bring clouds to sunshine and the temperatures are barely making it near the freeing mark. near the freezing mark. it is 63chico and 63 sacramento. southern california the departing area of low pressure starts to get out of here with residual sprinkles. we'll call it mainly cloudy. 67 in l.a. will be the high and 70 in palm springs. bay area weather sunshine on the way, but the breezy conditions early in the morning and it makes us as high as 40 to 50 miles per hour. 63 in oakland. 63 in antioch and 61 livermore and 63 is the high is san jose. still breezy tomorrow a few clouds and a warming trend into thursday and then there is a chance of sprinkles. i know that's your favorite day and that could last into saturday. >> it will be all of our
11:50 pm
favorite day. >> i do like saturdays a lot. >> all right. in sports the giants full squad reports to spring training tomorrow. it was who showed up today that had the
11:51 pm
packing should be simple like nature valley nut crisp bars. let's see if hikers are keeping it simple too. what's happening here? pack inspection station, just got to take a quick look in your bag. a tape measure?
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yeah. hiking? a tape measure? just in case. in case what? you can measure out the distance you've hiked but there's got to be a better way. i mean. stick to simple. nuts. seeds. sweetness. new nature valley nut crisp bars. boom. delicious. ia giants manager bruce bochy was back with the team after he had two stints in certed
11:53 pm
near his heart to improve blood flow. bochy's father died from heart problems in 1990, but bochy says he is feeling great, but can't work out for a few weeks. he can't throw batting practice like he usually does but other than that he is good to go. the 59-year-old skipper says he felt much better. >> it flared up. i get checked a lot. i go through the physicals and it happened to flare up and it was probably with me all winter. i'm glad they found this and it is unbelievable how much you feel. >> the entire squad is scheduled to report tomorrow. the world series champs have some question marks in their lineup. left field is the key position to be filled and the season ending starter wants to be that guy. abc7's mike shumann has more. >> travissish shaw cow hua hits one into right. the giants win the pennant.
11:54 pm
>> his 9th inning three-run walkoff homer to beat the cardinals propelled the giants to their third world series title. it had to be the hit of the 2014 season. but he barely remembers it. >> i remember everything in detail. i still don't remember running the bases. >> he reflected about his season and he was thankful the giants brought it back in the fold winning hills second ring with the g-men. >> i have always known i have had the ability to play at this level. it took me a couple years longer but obviously the giants put me in the right place at the right time. i was so thankful to help them out and forgiving me that opportunity and hope i can make many more memories. >> he is looking forward to spring training and making another run, but he has not talked to bruce bochy about his spot on the team. travis is willing to do whatever the giants ask. >> i am just thinking out loud probably that it will be as a
11:55 pm
back up outfielder and be the lefty off the bench. if that's what i will be that's the best i will be at it. >> mike shumann abc7 sports. >> shu is headed to visit the camps and get work on his tan. he will have live reports starting tomorrow at giants camp. >> hope he uses sun block. >> very important. >> the warriors learned exactly how important steph curry is because they did not have him tonight as they opened a six-game road trip. he tweaked his ankle against the spurs a few nights ago. he tried to go to warm ups but was clearly in pain. look at this fade away jumper. fast-forward and the final seconds and barely beats the clock. i am not sure if they got it off. he had 30. the warriors shot around 40% and nobody really helped clay out. he had 39 in the game.
11:56 pm
warriors fall 104-98. it is the 10th loss of the year. women's college hoops the battle of the bay part two. stanford won the first game a few nights ago. 24 for the cardinal. a nice move in the lane. the bears explode if the second half. she had 17. britney boyd 63-53. these teams split the season series. >> this is cal basketball. i love this group. i think we are still growing and learning. i just want so badly to finish the way they wanted to. >> it is disappointing but we have to move on and get ready for oregon state and oregon and the pac-12 tournament. >> final round of the northern twos open. he played at cal and shot a two under 69. a six under for the tournament and forced a play ioff with dustin johnson. he is pumped.
11:57 pm
forcing johnson to make this putt and he slides it left. he wins the northern trust open and it is worth $1.2 million. a great story. came out of cal and he struggled on the pga tour for years. he almost quit the tour. he was down to the final $200 at one point and decided you know what, i'm going to stick with this and worked harder and here he is today. he is a millionaire now. >> thank you. thank you for injing us. that's it for tonight. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. thanks for joining us and have a great
11:58 pm
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ror, i hear footsteps behind me i turn around, they're gone. previously on "scandal"... she could be getting into something possibly dangerous. with what? so albatross, the mole the man who killed wendy... he's the one who leaked their names to the terrorists. (olivia) you can't tell anyone it came from me, and you can't bring it to the c.i.a. an anonymous source sent them to my office this morning. that meeting isn't on my schedule. it's so late at night and three times a week. who is it? he's not cheating on me, cy. he's cheating on you. the mole is not in the agency. the c.i.a. is clean on this.
12:01 am
thank you, osborne. (quinn) he can't know we're on to him. (projector and camera shutter clicking) his name's jake ballard. he's a naval intelligence officer with the joint chiefs of staff. put him under the microscope see what you find. the more dirt, the better. it'd help to know why i'm doing this. he sleeping with your husband? in a manner of speaking, yes. so this source of yours-- the one who gave you the fax transmissions on the kashfari hostages... yeah? you think there's more blood in that stone? (pouring) there might be. why do you ask? i want you to look into it. me? don't you have a building in langley that does that? i do, but so far all they've done is rule themselves out as the leak. you need some backup. i need some backup. someone i can trust. which these days-- it's a very short list. and who knows? if things go well, maybe we find a place for you here
12:02 am
that's a little more official. (projector and camera shutter clicking) (keys jangling) (clicks switch) (sets down briefcase) (object shattering) (rustling, door opens) (floor creaks) (exhales) (projector and camera shutter clicking) so i've been thinking-- about your family. it's just it's been a while since you had one to, you know, watch. slow down. what? the speed limit is like-- you have to keep at least 100 feet between us and them. slow down. (sighs)


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